Adamo Lab

Invertebrate Behavioural Physiology

Selected Publications


Adamo SA (2020).  Animals have a Plan B:  How insects deal with the dual challenge of predators and           pathogens.  Journal of Comparative Physiology B. 190: 381-390

McMillan LE and Adamo SA. (in press)  Friend or foe?  Effects of host immune activation on the gut           microbiome in the caterpillar Manduca sexta.  Journal of Experimental Biology.

Miyashita A, Lee TYM, and Adamo SA. (in press) High stakes decision-making by female crickets (Gryllus           texensis): When to trade-in wing muscles for eggs. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology.


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Adamo SA (2019) Insect nociceptive processing does not suggest an ability to perceive pain.  Canadian           Entomologist.

Miyashita A, Lee TYM, McMillan E, Easy R, and Adamo SA (2019) Immunity for nothing and the eggs for free:           Apparent lack of both physiological trade-offs and terminal reproductive investment in female crickets           (Gryllus texensis). PLoS ONE.  14 (5):  e0209957

Adamo SA (2019) Turning your victim into a collaborator:  Exploitation of insect behavioural control systems by           parasitic manipulators.  Current Opinion in Insect Science. 33: 25-29

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