Adamo Lab

Invertebrate Behavioural Physiology

I am entering the fourth year of my undergraduate degree program, completing a major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  My first foray in research was at a cell cycle and cancer lab where I studied liver regeneration during a gap year after graduating from high school.  Since then, I have been involved in research in various fields as a means of exploring my interests, developing relevant thinking skills, and learning useful laboratory techniques in my quest to become a better scientist.  Currently I am using molecular techniques in the Adamo Lab

Beatrice Chiang

My name is Anahit Kondyan and I am a third year Biochemistry & Molecular Biology student. My first project in the Adamo Lab will be assisting with the analysis of physiological changes displayed by the Manduca sexta in response to a stress stimulus. I am eager to gain practical experience by assisting in the Adamo lab and excited to learn and grow as a researcher as I pursue my endeavors in the scientific field. 

Anahit Kondyan

My name is Tanner Van Every and I am a 4th year student finishing up my degrees in microbiology/immunology and neuroscience. I started volunteering in the Adamo lab in the fall of 2018, helping with RNA extraction and other biochemical work. This year I am conducting my own research project working to examine gene expression levels in Manduca sexta during immune challenges and predator induced stress.  I am interested in finding potential trade-offs between these two systems when the caterpillars experience both stressors together.   

Tanner Van Every

Hi there! I am a second-year undergraduate student majoring in microbiology and immunology. I started volunteering at the Adamo Lab during the summer of 2019 and it has been the perfect way to immerse myself into the world of research! My roles in the lab include microscopic dissections, animal care, and treatment controls. Volunteering here has given me the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about immune responses. This has been a great stepping stone to develop critical and adaptive thinking skills. By the way, I also love cats and hope to enter the field of dentistry in the future!

Haya Al Bitar

Hi! I’m Dali, and I am second year Microbiology and Immunology student. have been volunteering in the Adamo lab since the second semester of my first year. Right now I’m helping Tanner with dissections of Manduca sexta to harvest tissues for RNA extractions. Volunteering in the lab is the most precious learning experience. Every day in the lab you can learn something new and master your laboratory skills. I’m looking forward keep learning, growing and to conduct my own research project next year! 

Dali Kapanadze

Hi there! My name is Marley Blommers and I am a third year Neuroscience student. I just recently got involved in the lab in the Fall of 2019. I am currently helping out with animal care as well as treatment administration in a few fellow undergraduate's research projects. I am looking to gain some hands on experience with the Manduca sexta in their care as well as the analysis of physiological and genetic responses to stressors. I am fortuanate to have the opportunity to work in the Adamo Lab and gain various laboratory skills and techniques to move towards studying medicine after I finish my undergraduate degree!

Marley Blommers