Adamo Lab

Invertebrate Behavioural Physiology

Laura Ferguson (Post Doctoral Fellow)

Laura is a Killam Post-Doctoral Fellow, delighted to be back in Nova Scotia to work with Dr. Adamo and her lab. Laura obtained her BScH and MSc from Acadia University in Wolfville, NS, working with Drs. Todd Smith and Kirk Hillier on the reproductive and behavioural consequences of blood-parasite infection in Culex mosquitoes. She then moved to London, ON to complete her PhD with Dr. Brent Sinclair, where she explored the effects of low temperature and overwintering on insect immunity and host-microbe interactions.

Laura's passion lies in understanding how host-microbe interactions shape animal physiology and success under changing environmental conditions – whether through infection, or through “friendlier” associations in the microbiome. Currently, she is involved in understanding how infection with the causative agent of Lyme disease changes the thermal physiology and overwintering success of black-legged ticks in Nova Scotia, among a variety of other projects!

You can contact Laura at:  laura.ferguson@dal.ca

To View My Publications:  https://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=GvFCObkAAAAJ&hl=en